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Steer the course for your own retirement future, with a Self Directed IRA.


The Navigational Group, LLC. is a self-directed IRA administrator for clients wanting to take control of their retirement. A self-directed IRA allows you to expand your investment options beyond stocks and CD’s, providing a excellent opportunity to diversify your retirement portfolio. Since 1975, self-directed IRAs have been allowed to invest in many alternative assets to be held within their individual retirement account. Self Directed IRA’s are allowed to invest in:


             Real Estate

           Private Companies &  Private Stock

           Promissory Notes

             Precious Metals & Currency

           And so much more…..Call today for more details.

Our clients choose any and all assets to be held within their Self Directed IRA.  The Navigational Group, LLC. is a self-directed IRA administrator. Our clients understand that neither the Custodian nor the administrator neither sells or endorses any investment products. Our role is only to act as the administrator  for your IRA, allowing you full control of your investments within your self-directed IRA. 

*All clients understand that this is a self –directed IRA account  and the client take full responsibility of any investments chosen for the account.  Therefore, it is the clients responsibility to review the merits, legitimacy, appropriateness and/or suitability of any investment in general, including but not limited to, any investigation and/or due diligence prior to making any investment  purchases or in connection with  their account in particular once assets have been acquired. Clients are also informed to consult with their own CPA, attorney, financial planner, or other professional prior to directing the Administrator to make any investment in their account.

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The Navigational Group, LLC.

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We Support our Troops!



The Navigational Group, LLC. is proud to support all Military personnel serving our country. 


Please help us in supporting the following organizations:


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A Limited Liability Company

A Limited Liability Company

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